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  • Migration from Mitechsoft GroupWeb to Mitechsoft WebCube

    Written by

    Thu, 23 Feb 2006

    Mitechsoft WebCube (New version of GroupWeb)

    Welcome to the new system of This new system will replace the previous version of the GroupWeb System. In order to use this new system, please follow instructions below:

    • You can log-in here by using your current username and password.
    • FMS, WMS & Shoutbox content from your GroupWeb system have been transfered to this new system. However your e-mails and forum contents are not transferred and are still being kept in the previous system.
    • To read your previous e-mail, please login at GroupWeb system at
    • You will receive your new e-mail in this new system (WebCube).
    • You can transfer your previous e-mail to this WebCube by:
      1. Login at GroupWeb.(
      2. Click e-mail icon.
      3. Click the e-mail that you want to transfer.
      4. Click "Redirect" link on the top of the page.
      5. Type your e-mail address in the field provided.
      6. Click "Redirect Message" button.
      7. Check your transfered e-mail in WebCube to confirm.

    Login to GroupWeb (Previous system)

    • Login Page:
    • Your GroupWeb system will be available for 4 month from this news date.